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We work with a variety of clients across a spectrum of industries including healthcare, retirement/assisted living, food processing and distribution.


"As the Chief Operating Officer of a catalogue distribution company, I am constantly striving to find ways to increase efficiencies while reducing costs.  In the twelve months since engaging Focused Sustainability Consulting Group, they have helped us divert over 66 tons of materials away from being land-filled into a revenue-producing recycling stream.  Our average monthly gross savings has been over 90% since their assessment and subsequent recommendations and implementation.  The entire experience has been seamless and nothing short of professional- I would highly recommend Focused Sustainability Consulting Group to any business looking to reduce costs and increase efficiencies while reducing their environmental impact."  


COO- Catalog Distribution Company, Greater Boston Area


As the Facilities and Safety Manager for a national brand food processing company,  I am constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and our environmental impact.  Focused Sustainability Consulting Group has helped us divert over 390 tons of materials into a recycling stream and out of landfills.  The Cost-Avoidance component of redirecting these materials has saved us tens of thousands of dollars plus the positive environmental benefit of this diversion has helped our company move closer towards our goal to become more socially responsible!  I would not hesitate to recommend Focused Sustainability Consulting Group.


Facilities and Safety Manager-National Brand Food Processing Company, Boston, MA

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