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We offer a variety of services designed to help your business assess, develop and implement a sound, effective sustainability strategy.

Waste Consulting Services - Cost Reduction and Sustainability Initiative for Environmental Services:

  • Waste Audit and Benchmarking

  • Identify Opportunities

  • Develop Recommendations With Projected Savings and Outcome

  • Implementation of Action Plan

  • Monthly Monitoring and Savings Summaries

  • Cost to Benefit Analysis: for technology upgrades based on your unique needs

  • Customized Fee Structure:  Performance or Fee-Based


Start-Up or Expansion Businesses

  • Pre-operational consulting analysis to implement best management practices (BMP)

  • Realize sustainability benefits immediately

  • Fee-based per project


Sustainability Solutions and Technologies

  • Organics and Food Scraps Recycling/Composting

              *On-site, In-Vessel Composting              

  • Vertical Growing Systems (VGS) -  for year-round vegetable growing/production (ideal for resorts, hotels, restaurants, colleges & universities, school systems, urban farming, etc).  Can be set up outdoors or indoors in greenhouses, basements and  commercial warehouse space depending on the desired scale

  • LED Lighting Retrofits


Educational based programs in waste reduction, composting and recycling

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