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Products & Services

Focused Sustainability is proud to offer our clients a number of solutions to reduce their environmental footprint and enable their sustainability practices while saving money. Click on the technologies below to learn more.

LED Lighting Retrofits: Complete lighting analysis and LED retrofit.  Your lighting project is paid for through savings generated by new LED lighting (up to 70% savings).  With no money out of pocket, you are CASH FLOW POSITIVE from day one. LED technology has made significant advances over the last few years, finally delivering the exact colour and light level you need for your business.  


Energy Auditing: (New England region only)  we will show you where your business is wasting energy. The information gathered through the Energy Audit is then used to construct a computer model snapshot of your business at the time of the audit and then suggests remedial measures, eliminating the guesswork around repairs and improvements. After you review this report with us, we then work with you to find qualified, experienced and trusted weatherization crews.  Page Coming Soon! Please call for more information


Vertical Growing Systems: Page Coming Soon! Please call for more information

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